Deputy Ambassador at German Embassy Visit Centre

The General Director of the National Centre for Modern Languages Prof. Hussein Al Ageli welcomed on Thursday 08/11/2018 Mr David Gudisch,, Libya. Discussion focused on teaching German at the NCML.

NCML participants in the Italian government’s sponsored Italian language course at the University of Siena leave Tripoli. Wishing them all success.

The National Centre for Modern Languages delivered TOEFL on Saturday April 7, after a long lapse.

Participants in Italian language course to University of Sienna on Italian Government grant commence travel arrangements

The National Centre for Modern Languages welcomed on Wednesday Mr Denis Sainte-Marie, Director of French Institute in Libya . Discussion focused on teaching French at the NCML .

The registration for the 2018 1st semester starts on Sunday 17/12/2017 and ends on  Thursday 21/12/2017.

Placement test will be on these times:

17/12/2017 – 9:00 am

18/12/2017 – 12:00 pm

19/12/2017 – 9:00 am

20/12/2017 – 3:00 pm

21/12/2017 – 9:00 am

The Centre today signed an agreement with Libyan Audit Bureau for the training of employee in English language. The agreement signed by Mr. Khalid Shakshak, Head of Bureau and Prof. Hussein Ageli, Centre manager.


Deputy Minister for Educational Centres and Boards Prof. Mohamed Zuwae headed a meeting of sectors attended our National Centre Director Prof. Ageli. 




In celebration of the day of friendship between Libya and Italy, the National Centre for Modern Languages welcomed on Sunday 24 September His Excellency the Ambassador of Italy Giuseppe Perrone. Attending the event were Prof. Mohamed Nuweir Deputy Minister of Education, Prof. Nabil Nattah, President of the University of Tripoli.

Prof. Hussein Al Ageli, Director of the National Centre for Modern Languages welcomed the guests and announced the award of three initiatives by the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs for the training of Italian Language teachers and Italian Language teaching to the National Centre.

His Excellency the Deputy Minister also stressed the importance of cooperation between the Italy and Libya in the field of language learning and teaching.

The floor was then given to his Excellency Ambassador Perrone who talked on the role of the Italian government in supporting programmes in Libya aimed at providing opportunities for the Libyan people, which will enable them to resume their normal daily practices and activities.

An open discussion followed between His Excellency the Ambassador and the audience where students of the Italian Department at the Faculty of Languages interacted openly in a question and answer session.







The National Centre for Modern Languages is pleased to announce that registration for the fall semester begins on Sunday 24/09/2017 and continues until Thursday 28/09/2017.

Available courses:

  • English Language courses.
  • Advanced Speaking course.
  • Academic Writing course.
  • English Clubs.

You can visit us at the University of Tripoli furnaj campus or call us at : 0214628395 / 0913288397