Consultancy Services

The NCML offers specialist advice, guidance, training and other consultancy services on a range of areas related to language teaching and learning.

These services are provided by our in-house specialist staff or in collaboration with our international partners. We work with British Council, Norwich Institute for Language Study and Bourgiba Institute for Modern Languages to ensure the best service is provided for your organisation.

We have experience working with universities, ministries, non-governmental organisations, state owned and private companies. Explore our range of services below to see why the NCML is the best choice for your organisation’s language needs.

Our range of services include:

Language training needs analysis

At the NCML we are able to design and administer needs analysis exercises upon request. These exercises allow organisations to assess the language level of their staff in speaking, writing and listening. The results of these exercises can then be used by your organisation to plan staff training programmes.

Guidance on language testing and assessment

We support organisations in testing language in their organisation. Our services range from selecting potential employees in recruitment exercises to identifying staff for future training and particular projects.

We provide ready-made testing solutions or can develop tests to meet an organisation’s specific needs. The NCML can also provide tests for organisations to administer or fully manage all aspects of the testing process.

Course and training programme design

We design language courses and programmes to meet organisations’ needs, business objectives, capacity and budgets. Products can range from short intensive or part-time courses to long term language teaching programmes. We can advise clients on suitable training programmes for their needs and resources, and on options for delivery, including employing their own language trainers or outsourcing to external providers.  

Programme management

We are able to support your programme management needs by providing a range of support services to training centres and other educational organisations on planning and running language training programmes of all sizes.

Guidance on selection and procurement of language teaching resources

We are able to help organisations make informed choices regarding purchasing language teaching and learning resources including books, computer software, audiovisual materials and online learning programmes.

We can facilitate the purchase of products from abroad, help organisations make direct contact with suppliers and provide advice on obtaining materials from abroad.

Quality Assurance and Qualifications Verification

At the NCML we can provide quality assurance for your organisation’s training programmes and in-house certificates. We are also able to verify the authenticity of language proficiency qualifications.

Other services

The NCML can provide specialised tailor-made consultancies upon request.

If you are interested in any of our services or would like to discuss a tailor-made service please contact us for more information.