Clubs and Activities

English Club

Our one hour­ long English Clubs are free for all registered students and aim to help you achieve fluency and good pronunciation in spoken English. They are intended to enhance your conversational English in an interesting and fun environment.

You can expect to find an average of 10 students in our English clubs. Our clubs are relaxed and informal. 

The focus is mainly on conversation but listening, reading and writing skills will also feature in the club.

Already registered for a course? Drop in to our English club and practise your English with us.  Not a registered student? You may also attend the clubs by purchasing an English Club Pass, which will allow you to attend ten meetings.

Fall Semester 2017 Schedule:

*For students at the Pre-Intermediate level and above.



*For students at the High Starter and Elementary levels.



*For students at the Starter level.




To register for the clubs you have to book a placement test after filling out this form Contact Us